About me

Born in Vienna, raised in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria.

Master’s degree in Translation / Interpretation (English, Italian, French) and Art History, additional studies in the fields of Orientalism und Indology. Member of the Mödlinger Künstlerbunds (Artists’ association of Mödling) and the Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreichs (Austrian association of professional fine artists).

Art studies with Brigitte Ammer, Diana Stoilova, Mario Schleinzer, Michael Kubik, Hannelore Feigl, Udo Hohenberger, Karlheinz Pilcz sowie Prof. Herwig Libowitzky (Stage design). Travels to India, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East as well as longer study visits to the USA, England, France and Belgium have been very influential and paved the way for my cross-cultural concepts that also become tangible in the picture titles.

My works are polychrome and mostly large-sized paintings crafted in a special charcoal-acrylic mixing technique. Vibrant colors in combination with symbolically simplified motifs stand for the vitality of the world in its human and cultural diversity and create a contrast to the complexity of life.
Numerous art shows and publications of my works in magazines.



Art Shows

  • 2002 Art Show at Hunyadi Palace, Maria Enzersdorf

  • 2003 Publication of my paintings in "Bassena" Magazine

  • 2004 Art Show at Kunstmeile Donauspital, Vienna

  • Election to membership in the
    Artists’ association of Mödling (MKB)

  • Art Show at Schlösschen an der Weide, Maria Enzersdorf

  • 2005 Mitwirkung an der Frauenkunstmeile Mödling 2005

  • Art Show "LifeLinePainting", at Kunststation, Mödling

  • Art Show "Habseligkeiten" at Rathaus, Schwechat

  • Art Show "Gleich ums Eck" at Rathaus, Wiener Neudorf

  • Art Show "Sehen, Hören, Riechen, Schmecken"
    at Wirtschaftskammer NÖ, Herrengasse, Wien

  • Art Show Maria Enzersdorfer Kulturtage,
    at Kielmansegg- Schlössl Maria Enzersdorf

  • 2006 Art Show "Lebensfeuer", at Sala Terrena, Stadtamt Mödling

  • Art Show "Neue Arbeiten im neuen Haus", at Kunststation, Mödling

  • Art Show "Köpfe", at Bergerhaus, Gumpoldskirchen

  • Art Show "Bild - Schrift - Zeichen" at NÖ Landesbibliothek,
    St. Pölten

  • Art Show "Spiegelungen", at Museum Laxenburg,

  • 2007 Art Show "LIFELINEPAINTING", at Top 20, Vienna

  • Art Show "Ansichten", at Brunner Heimathaus,
    Brunn am Gebirge

  • 2009 Art Show at "Art Wagram" Gallery, Neudeggerhof, Lower Austria

  • Art Show "Wasser-Werke", at Alte Schieberkammer, Vienna

  • 2011 Art Show "Innen und Aussen", at Schlossgalerie,
    Steyr, Upper Austria

  • 2011 Art Show "Innen und Aussen", at Reitherhaus, Herzogenburg

  • Art Show "Korn und Form", at Brotway, Vienna

  • 2013 Art Show "Innen und Aussen", at Ursinhaus, Langenlois

  • Art Show "Glaubensfragen", at OÖ Kulturquartier,
    Linz, Upper Austria

  • Art Show "90 Jahre mödlingerkünstlerbund", at Sala Terrena, Mödling

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